Extraordinary characteristics

  1. Their INTELLIGENCE. These cats are smart. They can open doors, cabinets, drawers, they can learn basic commands like “come”, “sit”, “lay down”. They are currious creatures. Always exploring and testing limits. Mine know how to turn on the water faucet and unzip zippers.
  2. They also TALK a lot. Not all savannahs are vocal but in my experience 7 out of my 8 are vocal. You ask them questions and they talk back. When they speak, they often scream or in my case they sound like a velociraptor or a lamb.
  3. Savannahs love WATER! Not all will enjoy the water, but most are obsyssed with it. I turn the faucet on and they come running. I can’t brush my teeth with out a paw batting the water, and they ALWAYS get in the shower with me. When I’m outside watering the yard, they will run in the sprinkler or swim in puddles or pools.
  4. Savannahs love to go for WALKS. Most will wear a walking jacket/harness and go for walks on a leash. Some are better than others with the leash, but the majority are thrilled to get outside and enjoy fresh air. Make no mistake- These cats are NOT outdoor animals. If they have an outdoor enclosure, that is GREAT! They are to never roam freely unattended. They are very currious and will explore and may not return.

How high can they jump?

Savannahs are very agile. On average, they can jump 8 feet or higher from a seated position…and can run 35 mph! So they will scale almost any fence given the chance.


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