Iwanna Savannah

F1 Tahfiti

F1 Tahfiti Is a Very special girl.  She is the first born F1 here at IwannaSavannah. King Kyro is her daddy & F6 Jazmin is her Mom.  She is the sweetest kitty just like both her parents.  She truly is a lap cat.  Shell let you carry her around and sit on your lap for hrs.  She also acts like a puppy and licks your face till it hurts!  We are so in love with her. I can't wait to see her F2 babies in the future.

Aspen F1 Shieba

Shieba is my beauty queen.  This girl resembles the Serval in so many ways. Her color is beautiful Gold with black spots and the coveted black nose. She is a sweet girl and her babies are amazing!

Drinkwater F1 Zola

F1 Zola is a pretty lady.  She is full of spunk and attitude.lol  She's very sweet and tolerant.  She'll let you hold her and complains by talking about it the whole time, but doesn't try and get away.  She's a funny girl. We love her. She is full sisters to our beautiful Mistek.

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 F1 Myah

F1 Myah is such a JOY.  She is a VERY BIG girl and very close in resemblance to her father the Serval.  She is a beautiful, long and tall girl.  Huge ears and long neck.  The BEST thing about her beyond her beautiful looks is her personality.  She is nothing but LOVE.  She gives constant head butts and purrs and rubs on you.  She loves to be held.  Her personality if far from normal from f1s.  She is a true lap cat in large form lol.  To top her off, her kittens are just as sweet as her and are incredibly beautiful.

Drinkwater F1 Mistek

Mistek is sleek.  Her light butter gold coat makes for high contrast with her perfect ink black spots.  She is long and lean with a thick nose, perfect ears and eye shape.  This girl has it going on!  She is very friendly with a shy side.  She observes before she acts. She loves to play fetch and is obsessed with the lazer pointer.  She makes such beautiful babies too.

SalemsPride F3c Zofi

Miss Zofi is my big baby.  She loves to be held. She wraps her arms around your neck and nuzzles her head under your chin and purrs and never lets go.  I love this girl. She is also very beautiful. Long bodied, great head, ears, eyes. She's just awesome.

Akilah Savannah F3c Feebe

Feebe has a very unique look. Her wild look makes her extra special. She is one of my grand babies out of my first F2 I ever produced. She is a big girl, with big bold spots and beautiful gold coat and tall ears and long legs. love her.