Queens & Sires

Aspen F1 Shieba

Shieba is my beauty queen.  This girl resembles the Serval in so many ways. Her color is beautiful Gold with black spots and the coveted black nose. She is a sweet girl and her babies are amazing!


F1 Zahmahti

Zahmahti is an amazing girl. Shes got great looks and personality. Big ears, puffy wisker pads, coal black nose, nice inky black spots, long legs, short tail. Shes playful and curious but not too rambunctious. She does take the time to snuggle and sit on my lap in the middle of playing. She is also a talker. She always says hi to me and likes to tell me how shes doing. 


F1 Zola

F1 Zola is a pretty lady.  She is full of spunk and attitude.lol  She's very sweet and tolerant.  She'll let you hold her and complains by talking about it the whole time, but doesn't try and get away.  She's a funny girl. We love her. She is full sisters to our beautiful Mistek.

Drinkwater F1 Mistek

Mistek is sleek.  Her light butter gold coat makes for high contrast with her perfect ink black spots.  She is long and lean with a thick nose, perfect ears and eye shape.  This girl has it going on!  She is very friendly with a shy side.  She observes before she acts. She loves to play fetch and is obsessed with the lazer pointer.  She makes such beautiful babies too.

Select Exotics

 F1 Myah

F1 Myah is such a JOY.  She is a VERY BIG girl and very close in resemblance to her father the Serval.  She is a beautiful, long and tall girl.  Huge ears and long neck.  The BEST thing about her beyond her beautiful looks is her personality.  She is nothing but LOVE.  She gives constant head butts and purrs and rubs on you.  She loves to be held.  Her personality if far from normal from f1s.  She is a true lap cat in large form lol.  To top her off, her kittens are just as sweet as her and are incredibly beautiful.

Iwanna Savannah F4sbt Nuala

Nuala is home bred here at Iwanna Savannah. I love her serval gold coat and large bold black spots. She also has a nice triangular head and nice ear set.  She is also a good size girl.  She is long bodied and makes beautiful babies. 

King Kyro African Serval

Kyro is a dream come true.  I waited 4 years and fought my county for 5 months to obtain a permit to have him.  He has been worth the weight and all the stress it was to get a permit for him.  Not only is he absolutely beautiful but he is SOOOOO Sweet and loving too.  As you can see in the photos he is a lover boy and he is soooo well behaved too.  I have been so smitten by this boy from the moment he was born which happened to be on Mothers day.  Perfect gift to me :) 

Iwanna Savannah F6sbt Akuna

Akuna is one of our home grown kittens born here at Iwanna Savannah.  We are so lucky to have such a handsome boy and one that breeds F1's.  Most studs struggle to breed f1s because they are so much larger then the stud because all studs are f5 or later generation. To have a boy like him we feel special and I feel blessed to have him.

Savvy Paws

F6sbt  Axel

Axel is my youngest stud. He is my golden boy.  He has a great triangular head and tall upright ears. Awesome hooded eyes, with a real wild look and of course the sultry black nose. He is very long bodied, long legs and long neck and built very solid. Too top it all off he is a total lover boy! He purrs non stop and is just so sweet! I feel so blessed to have such a great cat. 

Surreal Savannahs

SBT Rafiki

Rafiki is the man! I love him for his giant bold black spots, with a high contrasting coat and his thick coal black nose, great triangular face and tall upright ears. Not only is this boy handsome but he is magic with the ladies.  He proved early as a young boy with my f1s which is a difficult task because of the size difference. He is sweet and gentle and just a wonderful boy